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Exit Shocks
<h1>Exit Shocks</h1>

There is no better testing ground than the racetrack. That’s why we actively support racers in many forms of racing. This allows us to have our products tested extensively, ensuring that we provide our customers the very best ride possible.


These collars float inside the springs and control at what point in the shock travel each of the different rate springs are used. This allows the shock to be tunes easier and cheaper without changing valving.

Triple Rate Springs

The best way to get a truly progressive spring rate that is very tunable is to use multiple springs. All EXIT front shock uses triple springs with different rates picked for specific rider weight and riding style.

External Rebound Adjustment

X2 models only Simple effective adjustment of your rebound dampening with the turn of a knob. Anodized and knurled for long lasting easy adjustment.

Piggyback Remote Reservoir

No hoses for an easier and cleaner install with easy access to the external compression adjustment knob.

External Compression

Adjustment X1 & X2 Easily adjust your compression dampening with a turn of the knob. High speed/ Low speed tuning is separated inside the shock so you don’t have to guess which knob to turn. Our adjuster knob allows for maximum compression control.

Large Capacity Reservoir

Increased nitrogen pressure for consistency and performance.

Heavy Duty Bump Stop

If the shock is bottomed-out the closed cellular foam bump stop provides antbottoming cushioning and protects the shock from damage.