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Maverick X3 X RS Billet Radius Rods Kit


Maverick X3 X RS Billet Radius Rods Kit

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SKU: K41-0811-01

Application: Maverick X3 72" Wide Models

• CNC Machined • Stock Replacement • Teflon Lined Spherical Rod Ends for Extreme Strength and Durability • Black Anodized Finish


Ideal option for desert and sand dune riders looking to customize the look of their X3 while adding Extreme Strength and Durability with Billet Radius Rods. Our Billet Radius Rods come standard with our precision JMX10 series helm joints with Teflon liner. A massive 18,000lbs load strength! We don't offer anything but the best on these link rods. This kit includes large and stronger reducers for all radius rod mounting locations.
Our Radius Rods are also your fix to that center radius rod to knuckle mounting problem. Maverick X3's stock center radius rods are known to have a weakness in where they mount to the knuckle. It's due to their single sheer mounting location meaning its not supported on both sides by a tab just a single bolt through the radius rod and into the knuckle. This issue causes the center radius rod mounting bolt to come loose and wallow out the knuckle hole. Our solution to the problem is our middle radius rod mounting reducers, not replacing the knuckles. We have designed and tested a larger stronger specific reducers for this location. Our larger and stronger center radius rod reducers make this bolt location stronger and supports the bolt to increase knuckle strength.
Quick and Easy Install.

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